Handcrafted, Custom Furniture


Custom Made

Nothing beats custom-crafted, in our opinion. Regardless of how you slice it, custom-made takes the cake. Custom-made furniture is frequently less expensive than pre-fab furniture from “big box” stores. CK12 Designs only uses SOLID recycled wood in their custom furniture, never particle wood. Our wood comes from native Oklahoma trees that have died naturally, been cut down by a homeowner, or been rescued from a warehouse demolition. Local Oklahomans are employed at CK12 Designs, which creates handcrafted custom furniture.

You can be happy to own a personalized piece of furniture that checks all of the “good” boxes, plus it’s as unique as you are! Because our products aren’t mass-produced, no two are exactly alike.

Take a look around, see our FAQs or feel free to call or reach out!  We’d LOVE to talk!!

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