We KNOW you have questions...we have answers!

Is a custom piece of furniture expensive?

Many factors go into play when calculating the cost if a custom built piece of furniture such as the material, type of wood , type of finish and selection of hardware. Generally speaking, most custom furniture builds are about the same as a comparable upper end factory built pieces.

How long will it take to create my custom piece?

Answer typically 4-8 weeks depending on details and shop work load.

Can I help with the the design?

We expect you will! When requesting a quote please give us the overall desired size and look of the piece . Include details you deme important, especially the Width x Length x Height!

Where does your wood come from?

Most of our Reclaimed materials are hand salvaged by our skilled purveyors that have the tedious job of sourcing and acquiring some of the unique materials we use.  Sources can include a homeowner tree removal that has started to interfere with the structure, tree service removals and sometimes the deconstruction of a warehouse or barn.

Can I watch you build furniture?

Yes!  We have a large viewing area in our showroom looking into our shop or on the live video feed on the website  of the shop and whatever the team is working on!

Do you make caskets.

Uummmm.  No, we do not.

Is sawdust really Man Glitter?

No, real men don’t “glitter”.  But, it certainly makes a wonderful exfoliator!