About the Owner

Chuck Twelves

Chuck Twelves, founder and owner, began his career building hand crafted custom furniture 25 years ago. A native Oklahoman tried and true, with love and loyalty to God and country, Chuck is a proud Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp. Chuck is largely self-taught in the art and technique of furniture design and construction, although he credits his father, an excellent craftsman, for teaching him a thing or two.

Chuck was originally commissioned by a design manufacturer and did some licensed pieces in 1998. He has been designing and building furniture in the Oklahoma City metro area ever since. Through the years he has honed in on his own unique style incorporating rare, reclaimed wood, live edge material and metal elements into one of a kind pieces. His design aesthetic is a blend of Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial and Traditional styled furniture. His passion for craftsmanship coupled with his God given talent has propelled him to the top of the industry. He has collaborated with renowned architects and designers from across the nation for both commercial and residential projects. Roughtail Brewery, Clark N Crew BBQ, Mango Cannabis and Double Bull Taphouse in Peabody, Massachusetts are just a few on his list. His vision for his company is to create meaningful, timeless quality, handcrafted furniture that’s made for real life, and built to stay with families for generations to come.

Chuck loves to spend his free time with his children; Maci, Kissler, Charli and Emerson and his dogs, Vanilla and Chocolate. Feel free to contact Chuck to set up a consultation and discuss what you have envisioned for your next piece and the craft of building out that dream and seeing it come to life in your home!